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Sign-up for free access to the AMEE platform. Your free account enables you to search and discover data on all companies and set up your own follow lists to monitor their activity. With the free account you can also update your own company’s profile to share data and the actions you are taking to improve sustainability and resilience.

  • Search +3.4 million companies

  • Update your own company’s profile

  • Assess financial & environmental data

  • Monitor key suppliers, competitor & more

  • Buy credit reports, accounts filings & more

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Amee monitor


Scale up your due diligence and monitoring efforts with ease to cover thousands of companies without messy spreadsheets! Whether its your supply chain, lending portfolio, corporate subsidiaries, or even retail sites AMEE has you covered. Identify environmental and financial risks before they become problems. AMEE Monitor also provides tools to engage these companies so you can collaborate to align your goals.

  • Quickly assess 1,000s of companies

  • Identify combined financial and environmental risks

  • Establish baseline data and metrics

  • Evaluate hotspots and risks

  • Integrate spend analytics to enhance insight

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AMEE CRC Compliance

Reduce data complexity and time consuming aggregation while ensuring accurate, efficient and cost effective compliance. A key strength over competitors is our ability to manage and integrate large data sets such as across 1,000+ retail sites of one of our customers. If the complex data issues of CRC are hobbling your efforts AMEE has the answer!

  • Collaborative software across the organisation

  • Simple, easy to use interface and quick data entry

  • Robust data calculation engine to ensure accuracy

  • Visual dashboard to easily monitor and report progress

  • Online evidence pack for audit readiness

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