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Financial & Environmental Data on every company

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AMEEScore API {company data}

Access environmental and financial scores and organisational information on every company in the UK via a RESTful JSON API

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CloudApps, a provider of supply chain sustainability management software, have partnered with AMEE to provide their users with the AMEEScores of all 2.1m UK businesses. CloudApps will use AMEE's data to encourage businesses to ramp up their sustainability credentials, especially towards their supply chain, in tandem with increasing business efficiency and performance.

PI Benchmark

PI Benchmark uses AMEE's data via the API to provide a environmental insight module for ProcureTrak, its procurement decision support service. The module enables PI Benchmark's clients to add environmental information to existing data on their supply chains to enhance understand of supply chain sustainability and performance. PI works with a wide range of leading companies and government organisations including the The NHS, Ernst & Young, and Barrat Homes.