Data Sources

We work with leading disclosure organisations and business information companies to make their information more easily accessible while aggregating freely available environmental information from across the web.

Profile Updates

Profile updates on AMEE are crucially important in helping to improve the accuracy of our scoring algorithm. We allow any company in the UK to update the data on their profile free of charge and provide tools to business who are unsure of how to measure their impact

Environmental Data

By aggregating data from companies that publish CSR reports, we have environmental data to display on AMEE profiles. We also utilise this data in our AMEEScore algorithm to help estimate the environmental impact of companies that don't report.

The environment agency runs the CRC scheme which regulates the environmental impact of the top 3000 UK companies. This provides AMEE with data on the performance of the top 3000 UK companies which can then be fed into our AMEEScore algorithm.

Ambiental is a global leader in flood modelling and consultancy. AMEE partner with Ambiental to provide postcode level flood risk score using UKFloodMap™, Ambiental’s proven flood dataset for the entire United Kingdom. UKFloodMap is built on high-resolution topographic information and industry-leading hydrology providing an accurate view of flood risk for your postcode.

Business Information

OpenCorporates exists to make information about companies and the corporate world more accessible, more discoverable, and more usable. It currently contains business information from over 50 million companies in 65 jurisdictions.

Creditsafe are the world’s most used provider of business and credit information. With over 80,000 business’s accessing information on over 120 million companies. The Creditsafe score is collated using information from a number of sources including data from Companies House, London and Edinburgh Gazettes and Registries Trust. This model is the most predictive in the industry predicting almost 70% of insolvencies up to 12 months prior to the event in 2013.

Companies House is the government regulated body that incorporates and dissolves limited companies; examines and stores company information delivered under the Companies Act and related legislation. It is also responsible for making this information available to the public.

AMEE has secured access to anonymised energy consumption data from over 400,000 UK companies. This data is included in the AMEEScore and allows us to calculate a minimum environmental impact, based on energy consumption, of even the smallest companies.