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Your Dashboard

Management Simplified

Visualize supply chain performance and provide access to your team enabling collaboration, efficiency and better decision-making.

  • Key risk metrics
  • Summary data
  • Map visualization
  • Risk alerts
  • Team collaboration

Your Key Performance Indicators

Accessible Analysis

Easily access key performance indicator scores and summary data to monitor and manage your supply chain.

  • Performance analytics
  • Customizable KPIs
  • Spend analysis
  • Spend at risk insight
  • At risk supplier

Your Supply Chain Data

Trusted, cleansed data

Drill down to detailed KPI reports, supplier data, spend data, AMEE profiles and cleansed data export to excel.

  • Automated KPI reports
  • Detailed supplier data
  • Data export to Excel
  • 1-click link to supplier profile
  • Corporate hierarchy linkage

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