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Environmental change is creating new risks that requires us to change. With AMEE you can easily find, assess, monitor and manage business environmental and financial performance.

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Find, follow and monitor the environmental performance of companies that matter to you.

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Supply Chain Management

The easiest way to assess and manage supplier sustainability and risk.

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CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Compliance Made Easy

Make your compliance fears disappear with our collaborative web based reporting tool.

Web-based collaboration to manage compliance efficiently across large organisations.
Data Collection
Simple data entry for small businesses or large organisations with thousands of sites.
Automated calculation of total financial liability and reporting to the Environment Agency.
Audit Ready
Document and data management for efficient and accurate compliance with audit requests.
Intuitive, visual dashboards to monitor progress against compliance deadlines.

If your company consumes more than 6,000MWh of energy you'll likely need to report to the Environment Agency. Click below to learn how AMEE can help.

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Make your business more efficient, sustainable and responsive to stakeholders

Find your profile and use free tools to calculate and update your data and score.
Benchmark aainst competitors and assess how your suppliers compare with theirs.
Report publicly to prospective customers and internally to key stakeholders.

"Measuring and sharing environmental and financial metrics provides valuable insight for all businesses and a key lens on risk. In the future, environmental scores and risk will become as commonplace as credit scores are today. The environment is not a niche area or an abstract concept but is at the core of the entire economy."

David Shields former Managing Director