The business data you hold on my company is incorrect - where did it come from?

We continuously collect data from Companies House in the UK and our partners Creditsafe. This is the same information that most people are using to evaluate your company. If this information is incorrect you can easily update your company for free to make sure its accurate.

How did AMEE calculate my company’s carbon emissions?

First, we collect all publicly available carbon emissions and sustainability data. This data is then used to inform our algorithm which estimates a business's carbon emissions. If you do not publicly report information, or if we haven’t found it yet we’ll estimate your carbon emissions using statistical model. To produce this model we took the following steps:

  1. Collected energy consumption data on over 400,000 UK companies,
  2. Translated it into carbon emissions using international standard emissions factors,
  3. Combined these calculated results with the publicly reported sustainability data explained above,
  4. Then combined all that carbon emissions data with basic business information such as revenue, # of employees, business age, industry and other characteristics.
  5. Ran a multiple regression across all that data to inform our estimates.

What is my Environmental Score based on?

The Environmental Score is a carbon emissions efficiency metric compared with industry peers. To calculate this we took three steps:

  1. Calculated Efficiency: We work out efficiency by assessing your company’s size divided by per unit of carbon emissions produced. The strongest driver of the efficiency calculation is your company’s annual carbon emissions (estimated or reported) divided by annual revenue.
  2. Compared with Peers: We then compare your efficiency with peers -- meaning companies in your industry of similar size.
  3. Percentile rank: Then we simply rank you against your peers from 1-100 with 100 being the best, most efficient company. So if there are 1,000 companies in your peer group 10 companies will get a score of 100.

How did AMEE obtain my company’s annual revenue?

We continuously collect company information from Companies House and Creditsafe. For companies that do not report revenue, our partners have estimated it using a combination of other business characteristics such as age, number of employees, and industry. If the annual revenue for your company is incorrect you can easily update your company for free to make sure its accurate.

What is my Financial Score based on?

The financial score, produced by our partner Creditsafe, is calculated using financial performance and payment behaviour characteristics highly predictive in assessing rapid changes in a company’s trading position. Click here to learn more about the scoring method and how to improve your score.

How did AMEE obtain my company’s number of employees?

We continuously collect company information from Companies House in the UK and our partners Creditsafe. For companies that do not report revenue then these partners have estimated it using a combination of other business characteristics such as age, # of employees, and industry. If the employee count for your company is incorrect you can easily update your company for free to make sure its accurate.

How has AMEE chosen the companies that my company is compared with?

We compare companies with their peers as defined by industry and size. To determine industry we use the “Division” level category of the UK Standard Industry Classification [SIC 2007] as provided by the UK Government. To determine size we evaluate a company based on revenue and formation type to establish the following categories

  1. Enterprise: The Top 10,000 companies in the UK based on revenue
  2. Corporate: Companies with annual revenue greater than £6.5 million
  3. Small & Medium Enterprise: All companies with annual revenue less than £6.5 million
  4. Non-corporates: All entities registered as non-business entities such as universities and trusts.

If either the industry or revenue data for your company is you can easily update your company for free to make sure its accurate.

How can I update the information displayed about my company?

It takes only a few minutes! Click the large green button at the top of any company profile and you will be able to sign-up for your free account and verify that you are indeed an employee at that company. You can then immediately submit new data that will be posted to your company profile once we have confirmed you work at the company.

Why should I update my company profile?

Data increasingly drives decision-making and every day people use information to make decisions about your company. Whether they are an existing customer, prospective customer, supplier, employee or investor -- you need to make sure they have the best information in order to make the right decision.

Can I remove my company from AMEE?

The profile data that we publish is a matter of public record and available from multiple online and offline sources. Check our data sources to learn more about the data we use. Since our primary focus is to provide a comprehensive business information service, we do not remove company profiles from the service except in very limited circumstances, such as when a company has ceased to trade.

Why is my company missing from AMEE?

We constantly update data from UK Companies House and Creditsafe to ensure we have complete coverage of the UK. Sometimes a company will not be included if it has gone dormant or ceased to trade. In other cases we may have just not found a company in the data. If you cannot find your company please contact us and we will add it as soon as possible.

Why does AMEE display information about my company?

AMEE is committed to helping all companies make more intelligent decisions about the way that they do business. Increasing economic and environmental change means that businesses must adapt if they want to succeed. Understanding the environmental risks and opportunities that a company faces is one way of doing this, which is why AMEE’s data and online tools are freely accessible to all businesses.

How much does it cost to update my company profile?

Nothing. Updating is entirely free and always will be!

How do you ensure that data submitted by a company is accurate?

Our approach to verification is based on the following three key elements:

  1. Trusted Source: We verify that anyone submitted data actually works at that company.
  2. Automated audit: We automatically withhold any data that deviates significantly from our modeled estimate in order to investigate and verify the submission manually. If the user can validate the data then we approve the submission.
  3. Manual annual audit: Each year we manually audit 10% of all data submissions to ensure they are accurate.

In addition to these measures we are also working on simple tools for companies to self-represent evidence, such as energy bills, to support their data submissions.

How long has AMEE displayed information on my company?

We had been in beta mode during the summer of 2013 while we iterated to improve our model. In mid-August we remove the beta label and fully launched our site in public.

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