We believe environmental change is creating a new norm of risk and volatility

Our story

amee { Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine }

Founded in 2007, AMEE uses data and technology at scale to address critical business sustainability challenges and enable more intelligent use of resources.

We're Aiming To Score Every Company In The World

We are starting in the UK but rapidly expanding internationally using open business information directories in various countries, engaging businesses in our clients' supply chains, and enabling new foreign businesses to create their own AMEE profiles.

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Our values


We make big data analytics and resulting insights simple to understand and accessible through easy to use web-based tools

Positive Impact:

We’re committed to providing intelligence that combat increasing challenges of environmental change and financial risk


Decades of experience in scoring and modelling analytics with unprecedented data volume to enable insight you can rely on

Some of the leading organisations we’ve worked with

"AMEE helped us to comply with our regulatory reporting obligations much more efficiently, saving us significant both money, time and manpower. AMEE is very easy to use, provides invaluable monitoring information and ensures a greater level of data accuracy, enabling us to report with confidence."

Louise Dumican The Carlyle Group

"Measuring and sharing environmental and financial metrics provides valuable insight for all businesses and a key lens on risk.In the future, environmental scores and risk will become as commonplace as credit scores are today.The environment is not a niche area or an abstract concept but is at the core of the entire economy."

David Shields former Managing Director

"Open and transparent data is at the heart of what we do; we pride ourselves on our highly tailored platform and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with AMEE to expand this into a new area."

Manny Cohen CEO, RM Group

"AMEE provides businesses and the public with fascinating data in an accessible format; simply by using information from energy bills it's easy to keep track of our carbon emissions without needing a PhD in environmental science"

Ben Ausden CTO, Line Digital Ltd

"Open, transparent and comparable data is hugely important when providing support solutions for clients. Working with AMEE enabled us to expand our offering to provide environmental data for the first time, bringing increased benefits to our users."

Keesup Choe CEO, PI Benchmark

"By aggregating data working with AMEE we are able to provide sustainable and efficient products which engage with suppliers and help reduce the impact on supply chains. This is a great and much needed achievement that will benefit both our businesses and society over the longer term"

Charles Morrison CEO, NQC

Born & Raised in Tech City

We’re proud to be one of the pioneering companies in London’s booming tech cluster of East London

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