N SETHIA GROUP LTD Corporate Group

The following 5 companies are partially or fully owned by N SETHIA GROUP LTD in the Letting and operating of own or leased real estate (other than Housing Association real estate and conference and exhibition services) n.e.c. industry

Global Ultimate Parent

Company name & location  
N SETHIA GROUP LTD {{notificationsByCompany[548104].length + readNotificationsByCompany[548104].length}} London

Corporate Group 5 Companies

Company name & location  
SETHIA LONDON LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[326478].length + readNotificationsByCompany[326478].length}} London
ANAMIKA CORPORATION LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[767931].length + readNotificationsByCompany[767931].length}} London
NEWBY TEAS (U.K.) LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[317407].length + readNotificationsByCompany[317407].length}}
INTRACS LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[11212771].length + readNotificationsByCompany[11212771].length}}
N. SETHIA HOLDINGS LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[10941020].length + readNotificationsByCompany[10941020].length}} London