CCS GROUP PLC Corporate Group

The following 4 companies are partially or fully owned by CCS GROUP PLC in the Activities of other holding companies (not including agricultural, production, construction, distribution and financial services holding companies) n.e.c. industry

Global Ultimate Parent

Company name & location  
CCS GROUP PLC {{notificationsByCompany[91168].length + readNotificationsByCompany[91168].length}} London

Corporate Group 4 Companies

Company name & location  
CCS RAIL LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[11101980].length + readNotificationsByCompany[11101980].length}} London
CLESHAR CONTRACT SERVICES LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[11022777].length + readNotificationsByCompany[11022777].length}} London
GPX ENGINEERING LTD {{notificationsByCompany[11208465].length + readNotificationsByCompany[11208465].length}} London
INFRASTRUCTURE TRAINING SERVICES LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[11301906].length + readNotificationsByCompany[11301906].length}} London