Increasing economic and environmental change requires a new approach to business intelligence.

Our world needs to understand more than just credit risk
Big, Open Data

Unprecedented combination of Companies House and Creditsafe business data easily accessible

Free, Accesible Insight

Free access to all company information & scores or use our API to integrate AMEE data into your system

Contributor Driven

Simple tools to help businesses self-assess and update their information to reduce reporting burden and promote their brand

Be an intelligent business

Intelligent companies use data to assess risk in their operations, suppliers, and competitors.
  • Protect
  • Promote
  • Empower
  • Understand
Traditional business

Limited view into supplier risks and competitor activities

Intelligent business

Comprehensive, deep, continuous insight into supplier and competitor risk

Traditional business

Limited reach through company website and basic social media

Intelligent business

Leverages all channels to engage with customers and promote its brand

Traditional business

Time consuming, costly access to business information creating silos that separate colleagues

Intelligent business

Easy, cost effective access to information regularly shared throughout the business to enable data driven decision making

Traditional business

Limited insight into internal operational risk and best practices among competitors and industry leaders

Intelligent business

Clear, continuous risk evaluation leveraging industry best practices to reduce risk and accelerate growth

we provide a new way for companies to be intelligent

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Time to insight Seconds Hours Months Months
Environmental & Financial Risk Financial & Environmental information
Only Financial
Only Financial
Only Environmental
Cost Free £100s £50,000 + £10,000 +
All companies your customer
Limited by country
Limited to your suppliers
Limited to your company

"We updated because we wanted to make sure that the information on this publicly available website was all correct. It is important to us that we are accurately represented as a company committed to sustainability"

Amy Hurst | Energy Officer | The Eden Project