Where has AMEE sourced the information for my company?
We aggregate data from a variety of the country’s leading business information providers, for example Creditsafe, Companies House and Open Corporates. We estimate carbon emissions data for companies which have not yet publicly measured or disclosed this information. For more information on where we source our data please refer to our FAQ.
What can I do if the information on my company is incorrect?
If any of the information that we hold on your company is incorrect then you can update it for free by clicking the “Update Company Information” button. Updating information is quick and easy, the only requirement is that you are authorised to do so by your company.
How is my Credit Score calculated?
Your company’s Credit Score is produced by our partner Creditsafe and is calculated using financial performance and payment behaviour characteristics. Click here to learn more about the scoring methodology and how to improve your score.
What financial insights can I buy?
We provide weblinks to a number of the country’s leading business information providers so you can buy the information that matters to your business directly from them.
What does the ‘CO2 Emissions’ tab refer to?
This is the carbon footprint of your company, measured in tonnes of CO2 emissions. To understand your footprint in more detail it is possible to break it down into three different components:
  • Scope 1 includes the emissions from fuel burned on site (for example a gas boiler) or by company vehicles.
  • Scope 2 refers to the energy that you buy (most typically electricity).
  • Scope 3 refers to all the other emissions relating to your business, such as employee travel and commuting, waste disposal, and the production of purchased materials.
For more details on Scopes click here.
What determines my Environmental Rank?
Companies are ranked based on their annual carbon emissions divided by their annual turnover. To ensure fairness we have ranked your company against other companies of a similar size and line of business. In time we will include water use and waste generation when calculating a company’s Environmental Rank.
What do I need to update my Environmental Rank?
You can calculate your company’s carbon footprint by referring to utility bills to find out how many units (kWh) of gas and electricity you use each year. You can then use our calculator to convert these kWh to tonnes of carbon emissions. The calculator will also help you estimate the carbon emissions from company vehicles, provided you know how many miles they have covered.
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Hairdressing and other beauty treatment

- King's Lynn -



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22-26 King Street
King's Lynn
PE30 1HJ

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STODY LIMITED has the following information available below: Country Resilience Score, Drought Risk Score, Flood Risk Score.

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STODY LIMITED, located in King's Lynn, United Kingdom, operates in the Hairdressing and other beauty treatment industry. The company was incorporated in 2006 and currently has a status of active.

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0 companies in group
Global Parent
  • Mr Adam Marchetti
    2005-11-01 - Present

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22-26 King Street
King's Lynn
PE30 1HJ

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