EASYJET PLC Corporate Group

The following 3 companies are partially or fully owned by EASYJET PLC in the Activities of head offices industry

Global Ultimate Parent

Company name & location  
EASYJET PLC {{notificationsByCompany[308283].length + readNotificationsByCompany[308283].length}} Luton, bedfordshire

Corporate Group 3 Companies

Company name & location  
EASYJET AIRLINE COMPANY LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[80780].length + readNotificationsByCompany[80780].length}} Bedfordshire
EASY JET STERLING LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[12616736].length + readNotificationsByCompany[12616736].length}} -1104
EASY JET LEASING LIMITED {{notificationsByCompany[12616737].length + readNotificationsByCompany[12616737].length}} -1104